Monday, 10 December 2007

Soda creature constructor

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'Sodaconstructor is a construction kit for interactive creations using masses and springs. By altering physical properties like gravity, friction, and speed, curiously anthropomorphic models can be made to walk, climb, wriggle, jiggle, or collapse into a writhing heap.'

To be honest I've had a play with this online and I couldn't get the hang of it! However it's like Meccano or Leggo online once you get into it and create a creature that works your hooked! I imagine that it's very distracting and if you do get the hang of it you'll never be bored again (you can be a God! I wonder if this is how our world started...Hmmm Matrix anyone?)

It is almost disturbing as you watch your creature writhe around trying to get a foot hold and start walking so you end up poking and prodding and changing gravity or muscle contractions until your thing gets up and starts to edge its way across the screen. Immediately you feel like Dr Frankenstein or God depending on your temperament!

My favorite creature that someone else had created and left behind was carefulslug but I think I almost killed it immediately by switching off gravity (it hit the top of the screen and when I switched gravity back on it hit the bottom of the screen and could no longer walk...I felt guilty and switched it off (put it out of it's misery!)...

I feel a bit dirty and guilty when your a kid and you forget to feed the goldfish and they die and you suspect it was your fault and you see them gasping at you in the darkness of your dreams...OK I made that last bit up but you get the picture! Perhaps this is how God feels?

Do the starving, lost and lonely haunt his dreams?

There is a gallery of creatures that people have created and some of them are pretty weird, like the kind of things you find at the bottom of the sea or alien lifeforms clinging to some volcanic vent beneath the water on the moon of Europa! Have a go but come back and show me your creature!

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