Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Distract yourself with a good read this Xmas. Book review: The Xmas files. The Philosophy of Christmas by Stephen Law

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Last year I had to reveiw this book and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the kind of book that you just cant help reading out extracts of much to the annoyance of everyone around the remains of the Christmas Turkey!

The author asks in a secular society, does Christmas mean anything anymore? As we stuff ourselves with plumped-up turkeys, unwrap the latest useless gadget, and gather round the family tree, what real relevance does the festive season have and why do we perpetuate it? "The Philosophy of Christmas" is designed to be a fun book but one underpinned by an exploration of serious philosophical issues. The way we celebrate Christmas says a lot about the way we relate to each other, our society and values.

There were some bits of the book I took issue with for example Santa's outfit was red and green and many other colors in many cultures before the coca Cola company got hold of him so it isn't strictly true that Coca Cola hijacked Santa!

Stephen Law also takes a look at such things such as the virgin birth (David Hume's theories on miracles), Bertrand Russell's turkey, the existential angst of Santa, and peace on earth to produce a humourous, varied and thought-provoking collection. Click below to find it in the distractions - Amazon store...

The Xmas files. The Philosophy of Christmas by Stephen Law


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